The Top 16 Neighborhoods in Inner Loop Houston

The Top 16 Neighborhoods in Inner Loop Houston featured image

In Houston, Texas, Interstate 610, known as the “Loop”, creates a circular barrier within the city, delineating neighborhoods and providing a geographical reference for destinations in the area. The Inner Loop is the entire area within I-610, and it is home to downtown Houston, as well as the city’s more densely populated areas.

 Generally, Houston Inner Loop neighborhoods consist of apartments and townhomes, while the Outer Loop neighborhoods typically have single-family homes. This is also the area where most of Houston’s social activities take place – sports arenas, restaurants, city parks, museums, historical landmarks, and theater.

 If you are considering moving to Houston and would like a shorter commute to the office in the city, the Inner Loop Houston neighborhoods are an ideal choice. Below is a list of the top 16 neighborhoods in the Inner Loop area:

  • Afton Oaks
  • Crestwood
  • Kettering Oaks
  • Memorial Park
  • Monticello
  • Oak Estates
  • Rice Military
  • River Oaks
  • River Oaks Country Club Estate
  • Royden Oaks
  • Southampton Place
  • Southgate
  • Southside Place
  • The Heights
  • West University Place

Let’s take a quick look at each one:

Afton Oaks, Houston, TX

Afton Oaks, Houston, TX

Afton Oaks is a beautiful suburban neighborhood located in the western part of Houston’s Inner Loop district.

  • Afton Oaks is an affluent community that features a fantastic selection of luxury single-family homes.
  • This community is in one of the busiest parts of the city and is surrounded by shopping districts, commercial areas, and business parks.
  • Residents have convenient access to restaurants, shopping malls, big-box department stores, and movie houses.

Braeswood, Houston, TX

Braeswood is a mixed-use neighborhood in southwest Houston located next to the Old Braeswood district and Texas Medical Center campus.

  • This suburb consists of 17 subdivisions that feature lovely homes that are conveniently located next to one of the busiest commercial areas of Houston.
  • Braeswood is ideal for professionals as it provides easy access to Houston’s business districts, including the Texas Medical Center, which is home to numerous notable medical facilities that service Houston.
  • Most of the residential properties in Braeswood are detached single-family homes but there are some townhomes properties as well.

Crestwood – Glen Cove, Houston, TX

Sitting between Memorial Park and the Rice Military district is Crestwood, a mostly residential neighborhood in the western portion of Houston.

  • Crestwood consists of beautiful single-family residences that are perfect for buyers who are in the market to move closer to the city center.
  • This neighborhood features mostly Mediterranean and Traditional Colonial architecture.
  • Homes measure around 3,000 to 6,000 square feet of living space and 7,500 to 9,000 square feet in lot area, having more than 4 bedrooms and 5 to 10 bathrooms.

Kettering Oaks, Houston, TX

Kettering Oaks is a lovely suburban subdivision in Afton Oaks.

  • Residents enjoy easy access to the nearby Uptown district’s various business and commercial areas.
  • Prominent design of the properties are single-family homes mostly built-in 1955 which feature traditional suburban architectural styles with classical single-level ranch-style designs.
  • Many homes have backyard pools, outdoor patios, or spacious open spaces perfect for gatherings with family and friends.
Memorial Park, Houston, TX

Monticello, Houston, TX

Monticello is a residential community in the central-west portion of the Inner Loop district of Houston.

  • Located next to the well-known Rice Village shopping district, resident enjoy the convenient access to several boutique stores, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other commercial establishments in the area.
  • The community features a wonderful selection of old and new suburban single-family homes, including classic bungalow-type brick homes and custom-built residential buildings.
  • Monticello is just a short drive away from Downtown Houston, the Texas Medical Center, the Museum Park district, and Rice University.

Oak Estates, Houston, TX

Oak Estates is a beautiful suburb located north of the Highland Village Shopping Mall, in the southwestern corner of River Oaks, and west of River Oaks Baptist School.

  • This neighborhood is often referred to as a country estate in the heart of the city, providing the best access to commercial establishments.
  • There are 150 residences in Oak Estates, which was ranked as the 4th most affluent neighborhood in Houston.
  • The community features a diverse selection of home styles to choose from, including ranch-style, French, Georgian, Mediterranean, Italian, English Tudor, Mission, and contemporary designs.


Rice Military, Houston, TX

Rice Military is located on the western part of the Washington Avenue Coalition district.

  • Residents enjoy easy access to the various outdoor attractions in Memorial Park and the established commercial areas east of the neighborhood, as well as the Central Business District and various business centers within the city.
  • There is a diverse selection of home types in the community, including townhouses, apartment buildings, condos, and single-family homes.
  • Rice Military is an excellent neighborhood for those who are in the market to buy a starter home as there are plenty of apartment complexes, condos, and townhouses to choose from.
River Oaks, Houston, TX

River Oaks, Houston, TX

River Oaks is a mostly residential neighborhood in the western part of Central Houston, bordered by Memorial Park to the north, Upper Kirby to the south, Shepherd Drive to the east, and Uptown to the west.

  • This exquisite community features stately mansions, grand Victorian homes, along with a collection of single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.
  • The architectural styles in this neighborhood include Contemporary, French, Mediterranean, Spanish, Traditional, American Colonial, and English Tudor.
  • River Oaks is the ideal place for those who would like to live in an exclusive, posh, and safe community that offers convenient access to major business and employment districts, schools, dining, and entertainment options.

River Oaks Country Club Estate, Houston, TX

The River Oaks Country Club Estate is centrally located just a few minutes away from the Galleria, Downtown Houston, and the Texas Medical Center.

  • There are 200 single-family homes in this neighborhood that feature four to five-bedroom floor plans with four baths.
  • There are larger residences that offer as many as 8 bedrooms.
  • The architectural styles in this community include Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Georgian, and French.

Royden Oaks, Houston, TX

Royden Oaks is a subdivision located on the southwestern corner of the River Oaks district of Houston.

  • Residential properties at Royden Oaks are comprised of spacious single-family homes and modern condominium buildings at varying price ranges that cater to different buyers, from those looking for an entry-level condo unit to those who have the budget to purchase a lavish luxury home.
  • Residents enjoy a predominantly suburban living environment, as the community is designed to provide family-friendly living arrangements with beautifully designed residences, streets lined with mature trees, and pedestrian-friendly walkways.
  • There are plenty of schools and public parks in the area, and everything is just a short distance away.

Southampton Place, Houston, TX

Southampton is an idyllic neighborhood managed by the Southampton Civic Club, Inc.

  • The suburb is a well-known luxury residential real estate market comprised of over 601 individual households.
  • Southampton is well-known for its beautiful suburban streets lined with mature oak trees that adorn the luxury homes in the community.
  • This neighborhood boasts a fantastic selection of luxury real estate options that feature grand Colonial and Contemporary architectural styles.
Southgate, Houston, TX

Southgate, Houston, TX

Southgate is a highly sought-after suburban neighborhood bordering both Rice University and the Texas Medical Center.

  • Residents of this lovely subdivision enjoy easy access to excellent schools and outdoor amenities.
  • The community features well-built and spacious single-family homes with diverse architectural styles.
  • Homes have well-kept front lawns that add to the community’s overall appeal.

Southside Place, Houston, TX

Southside Place is a lovely suburban neighborhood located southwest of Central Houston.

  • Residents enjoy easy access to nearby campuses and business districts, as well as various shopping centers and commercial districts.
  • There are two primary areas in the Southside Place neighborhood: the typical residential suburb in the northern section between University Boulevard and Bellaire Boulevard that features lovely single-family homes and the southern community comprised of commercial real estate with a lovely townhouse development.
  • Southside Place is predominantly residential, featuring pedestrian-friendly streets lined with mature trees and paved walkways.

The Heights, Houston, TX

The Heights is a neighborhood located in the northern part of the district and is just a 12- to 15-minute drive from Downtown Houston.

  • While the suburb is mostly residential, there are also well-developed commercial establishments in the area.
  • Home options include single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.
  • Although The Heights is located close to Downtown, the community is predominantly suburban, featuring a family-friendly environment.

West University Place, Houston, TX

West University Place is a beautiful suburban neighborhood located directly west of the University Place neighborhood, home to Rice University’s campus.

  • The community is an ideal home option for professionals who are employed in the region and are looking for a move-up home close to work.
  • West University Place is a well-planned suburban community that features charming residences and well-maintained tree-lined streets.
  • Residential options are quite diverse, including a wide selection of single-family homes, condos, and townhouses.

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