Homes for Sale in Spring Branch, Houston, TX

Spring Branch is a sprawling mixed-use district in the western part of Houston, Texas.

Spring Branch features a land area of the western section of the Outer Loop region of Houston. The community is split between four sections which are Spring Branch East, Spring Branch West, Spring Branch Central, and Spring Branch North. As Spring Branch incorporates a vast land area working with a local realtor familiar with the various nuances of the different suburbs in the region is a great way to help find you a good deal in available real estate in the community. To get additional information on available homes for sale in Spring Branch, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

  • LARGE RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE MARKET: Spring Branch offers an extensive selection of real estate options for buyers interested in the area. Whether you’re in the market for a starter condo unit to live in by yourself, a mid-range suburban home, or a larger high-end luxury house, there are good deals to be had throughout the community.

  • MID-RANGE SUBURBS: Several suburban subdivisions have been developed throughout Spring Branch. The region offers an extensive selection of mid-priced single-family homes perfect for young couples looking to make their first purchase.

  • URBAN DISTRICT: Most of the areas in Spring Branch, especially in Spring Branch East, have been developed for industrial and commercial use. You’ll find lots of shopping districts, business parks, office buildings, logistics facilities, and many other similar structures throughout the region.
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Homes for Sale in Spring Branch, Houston, TX



7219 Schiller Street

Houston, TX, 77055


1409 Pine Chase Drive

Houston, TX, 77055


1438 Glourie Drive

Houston, TX, 77055


1713 Hollister Street

Houston, TX, 77055


1713 Ronson Road

Houston, TX, 77055


7525 Viano Lane

Houston, TX, 77055
Buying a Home in Spring Branch

5 Real Estate Facts About Spring Branch

  • As Spring Branch encompasses a vast area, you’re likely to find a property type that matches your needs and budget throughout the community. From luxury real estate all the way up to modest condominium units, there’s surely something for you here.
  • Spring Branch West property prices range between $100,000 to $1.85 Million.
  • Spring Branch East homes start at $95,000 for 600 sqft condos all the way up to $3.5 Million for a 5-bedroom luxury home.
  • Spring Branch Central offers properties ranging between $240,000 to $3.9 Million with many excellent mid-range suburban single-family homes.
  • Spring Branch North offers similarly modestly priced homes at $180,000 to $940,000 but, on average, provides more recent construction than other sections of the district.
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Spring Branch Map

Spring Branch West sits north along Interstate-10 and extends west from Blalock Road all the way west until you reach the undeveloped wildlife areas of Bear Creek Pioneers Park. North of Spring Branch West, you have Spring Branch North which Clay Road borders to the north, Campbell Road to the east, the Sam Houston Tollway to the west, and Hammerly Boulevard and Neuens Road to the south. As the name implies, Spring Branch East is the easternmost section of the district and sits right next to Interstate-610 bordering the Inner Loop district of Houston. In between these three sections and north of the Memorial Villages region, you have Spring Branch Central.

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Things to do in Spring Branch

Campbell Road Sports Park

Extensive soccer complex featuring multiple athletic fields and comprehensive training programs.

Regal Edwards Houston

Movie theater chain featuring 3D, IMAX, and 4DX theaters that showcase new blockbuster films.

Village Plaza at Bunker Hill

One of several shopping centers located along Interstate-10.

St Jerome Catholic Church

Catholic Church offering regular Sunday mass situated within Spring Branch Central.


Schools in Spring Branch

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